Serverless OR Open source on cloud

While migrating to cloud the choice will always be to between using cloud as a infrastructure provider or use a highly mature open source framework on cloud, such as:

  • Spring boot on EC2 vs Lambdas
  • Rabbit MQ on EC2 vs SQS
  • Kafka vs Kinesis
  • Jenkins + GitHub vs AWS developer tools
  • In process Redis cache vs Distributed managed serverless ElastiCache 

I came up with idea of 4C:

  • Cost: Jenkins is free the cost if of running Jenkins on EC2 instances continuously. The CodeBuild or CodeDeploy is free with no server and setup cost but cost will come whenever code is build. 
  • Capacity: The capacity (volume) determines the cost.  
  • Comfort: The employees should be comfortable with Serverless. With Serverless more training is required to be given
  • Company: Banks might be hesitant going serverless