Getting Started with Spring Boot

This tutorial is for someone doing the development first time and that too with Spring boot.  The tutorial does not require any prior knowledge of any technology.

Getting started with development requires a development environment - a tool for development
Refer - IDE in Wikipedia
Therefore, download STS (
It should be a zip file on windows -> unzip it and go to location:
Click the green STS. 

Choose a location of work space. A good location that you wont delete accidentally.  Everything you will do in the IDE (STS) will be saved in this location.  

Click File, New, Spring Starter Project
Don't change anything on next screen

 Click Next.  On next screen check box against Web

Click Finish.  The first micro service is ready.

Check the code
That's all code (and all is generated).  Right click the class and run
You can see everything is fine in console
Hit the URL (http://localhost:8080/) in browser:

All is done. The micro service is up and running. 


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