Oct 9, 2016

AWS vs Google Cloud

My initial investigation says Google Cloud - though it came late - has better pricing model.

I have compared cost for two systems - very roughly.

Its still a monolithic application architecture -
1. Mobile Gateway is one application with lot of services for Mobile app's.
2. Online Portal is Online application (Client-Server) - one package for whole application.
3. REST Services - One application with all REST Services.
4. SOAP Services - One application with all legacy SOAP Services.
5. Admin Application - Used by Operations team.
6. Database.

Amazon - AWS

Total cost for AWS for one year is 7500 pounds.

Google -

My Initial Investigation shows Google Cloud can be half the cost of AWS because Google Cloud is really very configurable in Cost Calculation.

Oct 8, 2016

Second Week in Warwick MBA

Networking, networking, and networking: MBA is all about networking. 
In all sessions and lectures you will here this. It seems only way of getting job in UK is networking. 

The week had good sessions over Strategy: SWOT, VRIO, etc. Career Sessions and Consultancy and Industry overview. 

You come to know success rate for getting job from job sites (also called open job market) is 5%. Most of the market is hidden and can only be reached by networking. 

One good part of Warwick MBA is RSC project. A free visit to Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare's birth place. The visit is part of strategy assignment. 

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