Sep 25, 2016

MBA in UK - arrival

MBA from UK
People raise eyebrows when you say I am going to UK for MBA because I believe getting job is not easy.
I assure getting into MBA college in UK is easier that completing formalities for VISA.
Colleges are increasing intakes and a good essay and interview can secure place in decent MBA college.
I will recommend LBS, Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, Cass, and Warwick.

MBA from UK Student VISA -
Start accumulating your funds in one account - on your name and if possible no sharing - so that sufficient fund is available 1 month before submitting online application.
If you are getting education loan then attach original sanction letter - on letter head and stamped.
If you are shwoing funds from multiple accounts then attach a cover letter providing details.
Indeed its good idea to attach a cover letter with VISA application proviing details of documents and other required details in concise manner -


The Visa Officer

Subject: Visa Application

Dear Sir/Madam

This is in reference to my PBS Tier 4 Student Visa application.

I would like to inform you that programme selectors have made me and unconditional offer of a place in The MBA by full-time study in xyz Business School, The University of xyz

I have x years of industry experience and I have choosen MBA course to/for .......
xyz Business School is the best place for me to receive MBA education because .....
Post MBA I wish to come back to my home country and ......

I have already paid deposit of xyz GBP and remaining fee for course is abc GBP, combined with maintenance fees of def GBP, total fees is ghi GBP.

I am providing the below documents to support the evidence of funds available to me in order to finance my education and accomation
at the University of xyz:

Be prepared with VISA interview questions -
1. Why MBA
2. Why UK
3. Why xyz university

If your VISA application gets refused (mine got refused first time) the reapply.  While reapplying you can choose fast track option too.

Booking flight tickets -
Book flight tickets even before you get VISA because its cheap booking in advance. Most of the flights provide extra luggage (approx. 70 Kg.) for student VISA holders but probably you need to book from their website.

Immigration -
Immigration officer will ask for same documents used for VISA application so keep it handy.

Hostel Keys -
Its similar to checkin into hotel. Reach hostel and collect keys.

It was beautiful morning and sunshine when I arrived. Sunshine is less observed so enjoy it most whenever wherever you find it.

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