Sep 28, 2016

First Week at Warwick Business School

Getting into Warwick Business School 
It is not tough. If you apply early you will get definite scholarship. If you apply in last you might miss - Scholarship and on-campus accommodation. The GMAT score has huge variation but 660-680 is fine and welcome. The experience range is huge and I believe it is from 3 years to 15 years. Though most of the students are from India (around 20) followed by China but students are from lot of nationalities - We are told students are from 35 nationalities. Generally of you have satisfactory GMAT score and you can present yourself and talk, there is no reason for rejection unless they have already selected someone similar to you. Surprisingly, I only found 4-5 students from Indian IT industry and I found chef, consultants, lawyer, civil engineer, oil & gas experts, sales, marketing, and business background; therefore its diversified.

Before Arriving to Warwick
Before arriving one has to complete some formalities.  Some are optional but I recommend doing all. For example I skipped the VISA Counselling session and my VISA was refused.  I had to pay VISA fee again and reapply:

  • Visa Counseling session
  • Applying for warwick accommodation. Note it is first come first serve basis - I believe - so apply early. 
  • Pre-arrival career webinar
  • Pre-arrival information webinar such as Pre-Departure briefing
  • CAS email - You will receive in August. 
  • Prepare linkedIn profile.
  • Share your key achievements and experience for talent profile.  Your name will go in the profile book (
  • Complete online registration to warwick sites. 
  • Upload your photo

Booking Tickets and Arriving at Warwick
I will suggest book tickets lot in advance (for safety you can book refundable ticket).  If booking from India book from Air India or Jet Airways website and mention you are student so that you are allowed to carry three piece's weighing total 70 kg. Bring lot of clothes especially for cold. You can avoid bringing lot of household stuff because everything is available at cheap rates in Warwick campus.
My course start date was 25th and I arrived on 24th morning to Birmingham airport. From Airport taxi cost me 20 pounds to on-campus accommodation "Claycroft". Arriving to accommodation is similar to check-in into hotel. Few members of Students Residential will be waiting from 8 am onward to handover keys. Understand how key works and where you have to go and enter room. It is very peaceful in Claycroft and its location is very close to tesco (store for everything).

First Week in Warwick Business School
First week is all about activities - fun and team building. Mostly lunch and dinner will be provided at School and you will get to know more about you fellow's.
Your WBS Introduction and Boot Camp week will include the following sessions:

  • Building Real Teams - You will be assigned a team on first day. You will be team member and team members will be your first friends (If not made any yet). The team formation is done by WBS and they do it very intelligently and to maintain diversity within team. 
  • Strategic Thinking - Introduction to the Royal Shakespeare Company. You need to listen carefully because later you might work on project for RSC.
  • Presentation Skills - You will be given Case Study and you will need to present your plans for growth of company. 
  • High Impact CVs and Cover Letters - Ypu will introduce yourself multiple times in first week and people will be listening and give feedback.  Be very honest. 
  • Deans Welcome Event and Alumni Networking at Warwick Castle - Your first networking event. Don't expect much (except food and drinks) but this is your first test ground.
  • Photo for Talent profile book 

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