Jun 27, 2016

REST vs SOAP - fundamental difference

Today morning I read interesting difference between SOAP and REST on "Smart Bear" site -https://smartbear.com/SmartBear/media/ebooks/REST-101.pdf

SOAP is like an envelope while REST is just a postcard. Certainly a postcard is faster and cheaper to send than an envelope, but it could still be wrapped within something else, even an envelope. You can just read a postcard too, while an envelope takes a few extra steps, like opening or unwrapping to access what’s inside.


Jun 11, 2016

Scaled Professional Scrum - SPS Certification - How difficult - how to clear

Being scaled scrum professional is not easy, well if it was easy then everybody will do it. I paid for SPS workshop but was unable to attend due to busy day but I had the one time password to attempt the exam. You should trust me I prepared for the exam well by studying the "Nexus" guide and notes (prepared by me).

Preparing for SPS-
1. Attend the workshop (cost of buying exam is same as buying workshop with exam).
2. Try Nexus open multiple times unless you score 100% (15 out of 15 correct).
3. Learn Nexus guide

I got 100% in Nexus open and I had gone through the Nexus guide and though my hefty effort I was unable to clear exam by one question. 33 out of 40 were correct but required was 34 out of 40.

Tips (My side) to clear exam -
1. Keep Nexus guide handy
2. You will get 10 questions from "Nexus Open" assessment
3. Prepare for below scenarios

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