May 31, 2016

Introduce yourself - Software Engineer

You can visit my LinkedIn profile -
to know more about me.  I have added a summary to my profile but still the first question I faced in interviews bothered my lot - "Tell me something about yourself ?".

Many times when I am taking interview I asked same question but answers bit awkward and some times it seems people don't know themselves.  Some people start explaining about projects, some about their company, some emphasize lot on work experience, and some even tell about personal life.
I prepared my introduction last year and I really got success with this introduction -
Hi!!! I am Abhishek Upadhyay and I have 11 years of industry experience in IT Architecture, IT Management, and IT Consulting. I have worked with big technology firms, startup, bank, telecom, and Advertising companies in roles requiring leadership, management, consulting, communication, team work, and technical skills. Currently I am working with Barclays as Solution Designer & Project Lead for Online banking applications, which are used by several Barclays Banks including Credit Cards, Retail, and Wealth. Before Barclays, I was with IBM working as Team Leader and I was part of Smarter Planet initiative. 
I have designed and developed Middle Office for Stock Exchange, Enterprise Integration layer for Telecom giant, and CRM for Advertising firms.  I also worked with a Startup for 3 years as a Consultant where we analyzed business of local non IT clients and proposed & developed solutions such Digital Marketing, Software’s, and Infrastructure.  
I completed my graduation in Computer Science in year 2004 and I have interests in Travelling, Blogging, Psychology, and active lifestyle.  I ran personal blog for more than 5 years, and I published an eBook in 2014 over programming language Java.
I have coached and trained my colleagues & friends over technologies, methodologies, latest trends, and work life balance.  I am active on most social media sites and I have people from every background in my network. 

Tell interviewer you have good experience, you are ready for challenge, you can work in any adverse situations, and you have diversified skills.
In short you are like nature. 

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