Sprint - Goal and Done

Sprint planning done on first day of Sprint and it results in two artifacts -
Sprint goal
Sprint backlog

Sprint goal is top priority and throughout Sprint development team members adjust tasks to achieve Sprint Goal.

(Ref - http://www.romanpichler.com/blog/effective-sprint-goals/)

Everything such as functionality, architecture, and tasks, can be adjusted to achieve Sprint Goal.
Sprint Goal is purpose of Sprint and it represents a business problem that is solved in this Sprint.
At the end Sprint goal will be presented in Sprint Review and
Stake holders might evaluate the product on account of Sprint goal.
Sprint Review is a time boxed event at end of Sprint in which usually development team present the increment and
stakeholders inspect and access impact.
In initial stages Sprint goal might be designing UX/UI and in later stages Sprint goal will addressing business
problems and deliver incremental product.
In a Sprint development team endeavor to deliver shipable product increment.
Weather an increment will make to production will depend on Definition of Done.

A Sprint goal might be to only develop the feature.
But feature will be complete (done) when it meets below - development, tested, integrated, documented, and now ready to be released in production.

If teams are mature and aim production release every Sprint then Sprint Goal will be to build feature to that it passes Done definition and released in production at end of Sprint.