Feb 17, 2016

MBA after 10+ IT experience

Yes, there's no wrong time or right time to do right thing., and if you are waiting for that perfect moment that's not going to happen. We have to create that moment. Les brown was right but things are not always in our hands. I planned to do MBA 10 years back when but back then when I completed graduation, getting into job was a priority because of finance, family expectations, and my desire for entrepreneurship and consulting. Then I wanted to know more about technology, how large scale software’s are developed, and corporate culture.  I wanted to do MBA 5 years back when I got married and I spending time with family was my priority. I gave GMAT few years back when I was so busy with my work and family and it affected my score. This year is so far so good and I didn't made any resolutions. 
Yes its a true story and every MBA college I applied believed in this. 

If you had a similar aspiration of doing something then you should be able to narrate it Why now. I always had desire of formal education from reputed institute and it was a piece missing in my resume. Even after 11 years of experience I feel I still need to fill that gap in resume and empty education section. May be I would be doing the same work but changing work was not the primary motive behind doing MBA. 

Answering Why MBA might be tough for anyone but was easy for me because its real because I have worked in several roles such as Consultant, Engineer, Leader, Designer and Manager, and I have gained advisory, technical, communication, business and management skills which help me see technology change the shape of business. It takes more than hard work and technical skills to succeed at top; therefore I felt need for high quality education for deeper understanding business, strategic management, and global perspective. Building command over several subject areas - finance, marketing, and operations was also another motive. With my experience I was able to connect technology to governance, devices to revenue, and data to analytics but I lacked the connection between vision, leadership, initiatives, and culture. I also wish to reach and work for non-IT companies and maybe own the technology strategy not for a project but for a company.  

Now after 10+ years in IT I feel I got so much insight and I really feel skills in hand and leadership in mind. I feel so confident about my experience as if I have consummate skills and I lacked this confidence 5 years back. When I had 6 years of experience no company was ready to take me because I made 7 switch and consistent 4 years in one company also removed that flaw. Indeed now I believe its time

 I have not yet decided but getting into good MBA college after 10+ years of IT experience is not tough. 

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