Why Professional Scrum Master

I worked in an Agile project for an year and it was an opportunity to succeed in certification.

But I didnt got any job of a scrum master after the certification because no matter how much industry standardize the need for an scrum master but any company wont hire just a scrum master.  Though personal but I believe many think Scrum master is a temporary role. the certification started gaining popularity and the existing novice project managers were first to get certified and no doubt they are the ideal person to perform this role. Scrum, Iterative, or Waterfall all project managers are still there and they perform the same responsibilities. Indeed after doing certification I ponder it aint much. "Professional Scrum Master I" was not more than scrum guide. Job market is of Team Lead + Scrum Master or Project Manager + Scrum Master.

But its more than job to understand the methodology which has gained so much popularity. After I learned Agile, which only happened when I prepared for certification - I found there is more than SDLC model, it can be applied to our daily life.

We do work in Iterative or incremental way. But I know difference between Iterative and Incremental only after I am certified.  Its like preparing for fight or like we join gym and our instructor tells us its long way and end goal is to develop complete body and we have to work on every part of body day after day and we keep on measuring performance and product is always ready. Building your body is perfect Agile example. We measure success every few weeks, our body is always deliverable and we work Iteratively. Probably working incremental is first develop biceps in one month and next month concentrate on chest.

Life is Iterative and so every aspect of it, Every model software or business is Iterative, and Success is Iterative.  We can apply Agile everywhere. As a certified scrum master its my responsibility to think Agile and guide others on that.

Knowledge I gained while preparing for PSM is applied in my work every day. I prepare task list, update it everyday, segregate it into todo, done, etc. and my product is ready always. We combine Agile with Cloud, DevOps, and technologies.

But if you are looking for a Scrum master role by doing Scrum Master certification then you are late. Unless you fit in TL+SCM or PM+SCM profile.


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