Jun 15, 2015

Relieve the stress of 10 long working hrs in 1 min

Its quite common for software engineers to work for long in office. generally it requires sitting for long, and we tend to forget a wise saying "Sitting is Killing". If you are young or you are in mid career then you may have not faced any back issues. But trust me long working hours are going to be problem some day. If you are facing serious back issues, then you need to visit doctor. If you are not facing any back issues and you are also not doing anything to prevent it, then I have a nice advice: You should spend 1 min in morning everyday on following yoga pose -
I never faced any back issues in 10 years of my career until 1 month ago. I started having pain in hips and I was unable to sit for more than 1/2 hr. It started one day, and that day I really put lot of pressure on my back. On that day, I was sitting in wrong posture for 10 hrs working, and then I did abs workout which involved lot of bending. Doing abs workout i was frequently taking breaks and sitting idle in floor in wrong posture, I did this for hrs. I was not taking proper sleep and continued this routine for 15 days. Suddenly I stared having pain in lower back, in hips, and in back muscles. I visited doctor and after X-ray, it was found that straightening of spinal chord from bottom, instead it should be curved. The reason was muscle spasms. I did 15 day medicine course and above yoga pose, and I feel really better now. I can sit for more than hour on chair and I have also started doing my daily exercises like push-ups, dips, and squats.

I strong suggest everyone to do above yoga pose, especially if you are working in IT. More information on pose can be found on below link -

Other precautions include -
1. Never sit for more than 1/2 hr. Stand up, walk, and come back - no matter how important meeting you are in. OK, if cant walk for a minute every 1/2 hr, walk for 3-4 minutes after an hour long of sitting.
2. While sitting in-between do light neck exercises.
3. While sitting occasionally shake legs up and down, indeed many consider this bad gesture, but it is good to do occasionally.
4. Do stretches like putting hands on your back and push your back forward.

Check internet for more, you will find common sayings these days such as "Sitting is killing", "Sitting is new smoking", etc. and also go through this -

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