Why create adaptive & response OR why think mobile OR why we create mobile app - Hidden benefit

Lot of has been discussed in last few years on the need of a mobile app for companies. I too work in an organization that deals with customers in digital channels. And we realized not only customers want an mobile app but also adaptive & response site also. Our customers get an online website which is adaptive and response; and a mobile app. Not to mention that we need make site or mobile make adaptive and responsive. But we don't know how much, since there is not limit to user experience and pleasure we can keep on improving.

There was a time when mobile sites were made, but with "Adaptive & Responsive" designs mobile sites became irrelevant, instead a need came to make same desktop site more adaptive and responsive, which means measure the device size and make some adjustments in screen layout & data and provide best suitable user experience. Since device size can be anything like till 5" its smartphone, between 5" & 7" its phablet, and 7" to 10" is tablet, and beyond is laptop or desktop. But these are assumptions we are making and we need not to worry about them, because of latest technologies.

But Question now is Do we need a mobile app over an "Adaptive & Response" UI?
I believe today yes, but don't know about tomorrow.  2014 saw huge number of amazing smartphones. Some are masterpiece. A mobile app gives user convenience of clicking and starting the application, rather than going into browser and typing address. Even if the URL is bookmarked, its better to sit in the home screen of smartphone.
Cost of making a mobile app is much cheaper compared to making whole site adaptive and response.

Indeed we need both. Yes, because we don't read customer's mind always. Same customer can hit website or use a mobile app. But definitely it will be a kill to not provide both options and expect customer to use our Online site using desktop.

It is mentioned on "http://en.webself.net/why-create-a-website.ws"-
"Creating a website is a powerful communication tool. 
A website is a unique way to communicate with the world! Whether you choose to create a website to share your passion for musique, get people to know your business, sell products or any other reason, there are no boundries to what you can do! With a website, a ton of possibilities are open to you!"

But we have moved a lot and you should trust everyone when everyone is saying we need mobile app, we need adaptive & response UI, along with a normal website.

2014 also saw many smartwatch launches. Now this is a challenge. How a mobile app or site will behave on smartwatch. But I think customers will not open website in smartwatch (no matter how much adaptive or responsive it is). And apps will be needed. Highly adaptive, and optimized apps. Not same one as mobile apps. But a more effective and efficient in terms of layout and data.
We got a challenge. But solution is same as we did previously when we were designing mobile apps or while designing adaptive & response UI.  Read more below...

Why create adaptive & response OR why think mobile OR why we create mobile app - Hidden benefit
Yes, there was an hidden benefit. The motivation and limitations of mobile made us think of what all is redundant in our web sites. We decided on what customer really wants. We prioritized the features and our offerings on website, and we displayed in mobile app or mobile UI in same way.
When we thought of mobiles and other smart devices we started to adjust our online website or we created new UI's so that only relevant data is shown. We were working on low memory and low screen sizes and that increased our imagination.  Result was better customer experience and more customer interactions, because now everyone has smartphone and they are not hesitant to contact us using smartphones.

In my experience I also found some mobile apps to be much better than counter part web sites. And these are some of the most popular online companies.
I am putting some examples below how a mobile app is better in displaying the same information than online website, and these are some I visit multiple times a day -
GMail (lets forget Inbox for some time), NBA, G+, Adsense.
On mobile I immediatly get notifications of new mails. I want to check only scores and highlights from NBA (not blogs, pic, etc.). Posts of G+ look much better in mobile. And on adsense i only want my earning report for day or month, etc. In Adsense web site its hard to find earnings for the day (not exactly hard)
(I also rarely use facebook, CNN, Soundcloud, etc. from desktop)

May be after we create website, and then when we create mobile app or Make site adaptive to mobile devices and we will find what all supplementary information and space we gave.
Now lets look at the mobile apps of above -


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