Sarnath - Buddham saranam gacchami - I go to the Buddha for refuge

Sarnath is small town located in Varanasi.
So, if you are visiting Varanasi, you can also plan visiting Sarnath.
Its not exactly in city, but its almost touching city.
Sarnath is very famous among people following Buddhism,
since Gautam Budha came to this place to give his first preach and tought Dharma for first time after getting enlightenment.

Its a small deer park in sarnath, where Buddha preached 5 monks, called Isipatana.
Isipatana is mentioned by the Buddha as one of the four places of pilgrimage which his devout followers should visit
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While staying at Isipatana, Budha taught several suttas including Dhammacakkappavattana  Sutta.

A trip to sarnath includes getting to know more about buddhism. Not to mention it is place visited by all budhists.
But, if you are not budhist, you will have interest in
- Dhamek Stupa
- Ashok Pillar
- Museum
- Budhist temples build by different countries like Japanese, Thai, Myanmar, Japenese, etc.
- Ruins of ancient Buddhist monasteries.

When you reach sarnath, you should have museum on your right and Ticket counter on your left side of road, from you will buy tickets to visit
Dhamek Stupa and also museum.
museum is on one side of road, which also has the Ashok Pillar inside.
Other side is gate to enter to visit Dhamek Stupa, around Dhamek stupa are ruins of ancient budhist monastries, and also Deer Park.
Now above was the must, and optionally other temples can be visited by walking around. All are walking distance.

Note - Please avoid going in summer and prefer visiting in between November to February.
Also don't visit on weekends or holidays.

Below are some maps that will help guide your itinerary.

In below map you can see Museum and on the opposite of road is Dhamek Stupa. There are small gates on opposite side of roads to enter museum and Anciet site. Entry to main temple is from another gate. You will have to come back on road and walk to entrance of Main temple. Around 100 meters from Main temple on the road is UP Tourism hotel called "Rahi Tourist Bungalow", a nice and affordable place to stay.

Below is the museum from outside.

Dhamek Stupa -

 Main temple of sarnath -

Trees you see below are called Ashok trees


  1. Sarnath is quite beautiful pilgrimage sites.
    And Sarnath is also considered as one of the most important Buddhist Pilgrimages Sites among the four pilgrimage sites.


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