Nov 1, 2014

Samsung GALAXY Note4 - Best phone made till date

Looking appealing and attractive phones around, especially phone is necessity currently; we all face this situation on deciding which smart phone to buy. I consider Galaxy 4 to be best smart phone around based on three primary reason -

1. Specification - 3 GB RAM, 2.7 GHz processor, 16M back & 3.7MP front camera, etc.
2 GB RAM was not enough which came in some high end phones like Sony Z1 and Note2.
Big screen with faster hardware this phone can be considered beast for playing games and running applications.

2. Features - Super Display, Advanced Camera, S pen, Multi-window, etc.
New S-pen is more sensitive.
Camera images are best.
Video capture is excellent.
Call quality is good.
Many tests show it performs better than iPhone6, LG G3, Sony Z3.

3. Phablet - Its true phablet. 5.7 inch display is one of the perfect size, be it for browsing or reading.

One thing I done like about it is back side with popping camera.

No doubt budget being the  primary factor and all phones serving the basic needs, the cheap phones are now dominating market. I have different view on this, but people will make decision based on fact that if same features are available in 100 $ why pay 300 $. But based on experience I can surely say cheap phones either don't last long or you yourself want to change it in 6 months. Considering buying 300$ phone and continuing with it for 18 months is better option than replacing 100 $ cheap phone every 6 month. So, if you can spend then buy this phone, and it will not out-date at-least for next 18 months.

Don't buy Note4 -

  • If you are more impressed with Note Edge and want to wait for Note Edge. 
  • If you already have Note3 or Note2
  • If you dont feel need of Stylus - S pen
  • If are looking for smaller screen. 
But you might want to look this -


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