Oct 28, 2014

Future is smartwatch - Why we all will buy smartwatch by 2015

2014 saw some astonishing smatphones. Smart phones which decide how we communicate and how we perform daily activities. They are here to make our life easier and smarter.
Some of the breakthrough smartphones of 2014 were -
Nexus 6 - Finest Google flagship phone
Amazon Fire phone with Firefly
HTC One M8
Xperia Z3
IPhone 6 plus
Samsung Note 4
Blackberry Passport

If you one of the above, you are a proud owner of a fine crafted device that not only make calls and not only smart but is one device for all your daily interactions and in best form. May be you bought smartphone last year then you should upgrade. And if you buy one this year, you might upgrade next year. Adding to the cost will come smartwatch. Believe it or not in 2015, you will be tempted, attracted, and possibly bound to buy a smartwatch.

We all wear watch, our hands are like naked without watch. Why not make maximum use of the watch. What if I dont want to carry large phone, only if everything possible by watch. Yes that's what most of us want.

September 4, 2013 in Berlin was the time when Samsung Galaxy Gear grabbed world's attention  but not for long. Also, it received negative feedbacks. It received mixed reactions on design and people complained about inconsistent notifications. Limited functionality and lack of apps was major drawback. Gear2 was big improvement over Gear with improved apps(health & music), batterylife and camera. Sony an other companies also launched watch.

Giant leap in smart watch technology is Apple's IWatch, and below was mentioned in Sep 11, 2014 article in TIME -
"The Apple Watch is just the start. How wearable tech will change your life—like it or not"
If you were unaware of possibilities of IWatch and I suggest watch the video -

Apple IWatch -

  • Health & fitness companion
  • Thumbnails of most connected people and send message or make call with iWatch
  • See & respond to messages
  • Calls & Notifications
  • Messages, Calls, Mails, notifications, everything tailored and designed for wrist
  • Digital touch and you dont type or speak
  • Sketch, Walkie Talkie, Tap, Heartbeat
  • Apps like Calender, Maps, Passbook, Music, iTunes, TV, Camera, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, World clock, Stock, Weather, Photos, Siri, Apple Pay - designed for watch. 
  • And a whole new world & possibilities for developers. 

Along with one of the most accurate watch.

You make call on watch put on hold and continue on phone. Crown is used for scrolling & zooming

One thing many people might not like about iWatch is its rectangular dial.
But rectangular dial can be beautiful and durable. Some of the designs on Apple site are really thoughfully designed -

Or may be you will like this luxury design, no doubt on luxury & price

You want to know more about it you visit Apple site or cnet -

People like circular dial and this is where android Moto 360 comes, a fine crafted design -

But latest addition from LG(http://www.lg.com/us/smart-watches) in smartwatch is too compelling to go and buy it right now -

And this one latest from HP -

(Source - http://online.wsj.com/articles/michael-bastian-creates-a-smartwatch-that-looks-like-a-watch-1414776232)
HP watch will work with both android & iPhone.

Comparison between watches is not scope of this post, but I believe some of the expert iWatch features are not present in current android watches in market like pressure-sensitive, love tap, zooming by digital crown, extra button for shortcuts, NFC payments, phone calling, and standalone music player. And all are reluctant to camera (except samsung earlier gear's), may be they are unable to figure out how camera fits with watch.

"Now smartwatch is not just a gadget; its fine crafted watch, source of your exclusiveness, stylish and most importantly Intelligent & acute"

Among above mentioned watches, iWatch seems to be most advanced, but samsung watch gear s, is one of the most advanced android smartwatch in which has full featured Wi-Fi & 3G, you can make calls, check messages, and use GPS even without phone nearby. It is most independent smart watch (independent of phone, still you need phone to install apps). One drawback is it runs on Tizen OS.

Still the biggest drawback for iWatch and others (except Samsung Gear S) is its dependency on phone. 

May be we need only watch. OR Tablet+watch, where we do most of the things(calling, music, notifications, camera)  using watch, and switch to tablet when we want bigger screen. 

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