Aug 26, 2014

Writing first eBook - MS Word formatting tips

When I was first writing my eBook, I was not new to MS Word. But later I found its a very powerful and only tool to write eBook with so ease. After completing my book, I started searching for how to format the word document so that it fits as an eBook and is ready to publish. Hell lot of search results and plenty of pdf's that's the result, if you search anything in google. Because Internet is plethora of everything, you want to find something you use Google, but even after that, you need your brain to filter and that still requires time: to at least go through all the top results and decide on one. Many sites like smashwords have a guide, but mine is very small, and that's what help you, because most of the formatting tips you might be already taking.

Note - These are basic formatting tips, to give you a start.

1. Don't decide early on font size of Title, Sub-title, Heading, Sub-heading, instead look tabs as shown in below picture and use them -
Now if you want to add heading, you write in normal text, then select the text and click the tab.
Its general notion, Heading1 is the Chapter heading, and Heading2 is some heading inside a chapter (i.e. Heading1), and so one.
Like for example -

And later I will change the fonts, like below -

Change Topic1 & Topic2 to Heading2, and finally -

2. Contents or "Table of Contents", like shown below is generated -
Based on the heading1 & heading2 we wrote previously we want to generate Contents, if will be done in the same document. Go to the top of the document, i.e. where you want the contents (Table of Content).
In 2007 we go to References -> Table of Contents.
And Table of Contents generated will be like below -
And time I add new Chapter or topic, I will have to update the Contents, and that's done by a click -

3. Add Page Numbers -

4. Avoid "Space" key from keyboard. Instead use Indent

5. Want page break - like for example every chapter should begin in new page. Do not use "Enter" key, instead use "Page Break" -

6. Control spaces between lines. This happens like for example below -
What is want is, Different between Line1 & Line2 should 0. Difference between Line3 & Line4 should more than difference between Line3 & Line2. Possibly final outcome like below -
I want 0 difference between Line1 & Line 2. Select both lines and click on "Line &Page break" -
then select the spacing -

7. If you are inserting images, take caution. Do not unnecessary insert images, where intended message can be displayed using simple texts.  Because of different dimension of devices, its really hard to predict image will be view-able or perceived similarly on all devices.

8. Download Calibre( Its easy to test in Calibre. Upload your doc file, convert it into epub format and view. try to resize the simulator to test - how eBook will look on different devices of different sizes & dimensions.
Note - Some platforms expect epub format some expect mobi format. Smashwords uses epub, Amazon (Kindle) uses mobi.

9. Publishing on Kindle is easier than you have ever imagined. After you are done with basic formatting tips given above. You can directly publish on Kindle. I have tested this.  

Aug 23, 2014

Best hotels of India 2014

Below is my list of top ten hotels of India. All are so good that any one of them can be placed at number 1 position. 

1. Leela, Delhi
    Butterfly shaped & relatively new. Its close to all embasy, ministry, airport, court, market. No doubt Delhi has got many 5 star hotels and choosing best is toughest and is personal choice. I choose this hotel because i found this most luxurious and newest. Most of the things exceed expectation.

2. Oberoi Jaipur
   Jaipur is one of the top ten tourist destination, and Oberoi is best hotel in Jaipur. Jaipur is few hours drive from Delhi. Jaipur is famous as pink city and number of palaces & markets, along with rich cultural & cuisine experience.

3. Oberoi Udaipur
  This one comes in some of the world's top ten hotels list. Lake side luxury 5 star hotel. Best palaces build by Hindu rulers are in Udaipur. Most luxurious hotels are in udaipur, and most of them are surrounding single lake. Staying in a hotel on the banks of Lake Pichola is a life time experience. Oberoi is most luxurious hotel in udaipur

4. Taj Udaipur
  Its palace in the center of lake. Its of the most unique hotel that provides one of the most menorable experience of India. In my opinion second to Oberoi, but defnitely more luxurious than 99% of hotels in India.

5. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Taj Jodhpur -
In Dark Knight movie when Christian Bale came out of well, it was actually Jodhpur. And this hotel is a legend.

6. Oberoi Agra
If you visit only one monument in India it will be Taj Mahal. One of the seven wonders of world - Taj Mahal - build by Mugal emperor Shahjahan in memory of his wife, is biggest symbol of love in this world. Taj Mahal is located in city Agra. Agra is few hours drive from Delhi. Oberoi is 5 star hotel strategically located in Agra from where you can view Taj Mahal while drinking tea.

7. Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
Mumbai is India's entertainment & financial capital. Stock exchange, Bollywood, Gateway of India, are in Mumbai. Taj Mahal Palace is a 5 star hotel in most costly part of city. It faces sea and famous "Gateway Of India". It was india's first hotel build by India's legendary business man Tata. If you have to stay in one hotel in India, this is the one. It has palace wing & tower wing. Preferably Stay in Palace wing.

8. Taj West End, Banglore
Banglore is India's IT capital. Taj west end has got heritage & history along with luxury.
Read more about its history on hotel's website(
Its 20 acre property in the middle of city.

9. Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad
Hyderabad also known as city of pearls. Home of Nizam rulers. Charminar is the most famous attraction of city. City is famous for cuisine including biryani. "Hussain Sagar Lake" & "Golconda Fort" are another popular attraction.
"Taj falaknuma palace" is one of its only kind hotel in world that lets you retrace the steps of Nizams & thier Begums(Nizam wives). Falaknuma Palace is also known as "Mirror of the sky", because of the height at which it is build. It took 10 years & 4 million rupees in 1894, followed by 22 years of perfection, to build this magnificent palace.

10. ITC Chennai
Last on  the list is this hotel. Chennai is in South India, and capital of Tamil Nadu state.
Chennai is close to some places which have got really huge Hindu temples.
Below pic says much about the hotel.


Aug 17, 2014

Java Collection in picture - Java Collection & Maps class diagram

Many thought of drawing class diagram when reading about collection, and many make it.

Below is mine -
( You need to zoom, to see )

And below are the Maps (excluding the concurrent ones ) -

Below are the concurrent maps -

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