What's next in Java & What makes Java next gen

If you are looking for what's next in Java/JEE. If you are done with Struts and JSF, looking for if I still need to use raw JEE instead of Spring. And you are thinking of from Java to JEE. Then you still need to see what probably have not seen yet in Java.

Few days back I attended sessions on Java - Big trends and below were the topics

You can watch them at below links -

I will like to abstract what I have learned form those sessions and what I feel is next and current Big things.

Big Data and MapReduce
Most happening thing around in Java related to Big Data & MapReduce is "Crunch" - Java library for writing, testing, and running MapReduce pipelines.
For those who are totally new to MapReduce, I will explain below in simple.
Is Data BIG? Yes if it can't be stored in one machine. More importantly If your data is consistently growing probably doubles every next year, then you really have BIG data problem.
If you really have BIG DATA problem, then think of below -
How we process BIG DATA is simple. Map function will reduce BIG data in NEW data. Split BIG data, and distribute in several nodes. Each node will process part of BIG Data. Nodes running in parallel are scalable.
NEW data can be input to another Map-Reduce application, and we can end up in a MapReduce pipeline.
Crunch is a Java library to build MapReduce pipelines over Hadoop. You can chain and manage multiple MapReduce functions. And bottoline is "Nothing will have a bigger impact on your big data application performance than making your own code(Java code) faster.".

Rich Clients using Java EE 7
The next thing around is the Java API's for RESTful web services. How to expose Java resources to REST Web services.

Java ME
If have not used or even peeked into Java ME, then time is now.
Use Java ME with Raspberry Pi(http://www.raspberrypi.org/). Buy Raspberry pi, install NetBeans, and start.

Other things which have grabbed attention are - 
JSF 2.3

Recent survey on InfoQ What are your Priorities for Java and the JVM suggests what people expect from Java -


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