Pune to Bangalore to Pune by road - NH4

Pune to Banglore highway is one of the best in country, and travelling from Pune to Banglore by road was my desire for a very long time. I wanted to try my new car on go on long drive. I heard lot about this highway and about its good condition to drive. 

I previously did some long drives from pune, like Pune to Mumbai, Pune to Shirdi, and Pune to Goa. And enjoyed all three. Pune to Mumbai is a short trip of 2-3 hrs on expressway with ideal speed of 100 Km. per hour and one break at a petrol pump with plenty of eating options. Indeed I enjoy this drive a lot. 
Pune to Shirdi is 4-5 hrs drive on good roads with patches at some places. Pune to Goa is also good drive, but it turns out to be amazing at some places between Belgaum & Goa, and is worse inside Belgaum. 

I decided of travelling from Pune to Banglore after I travelled to Goa. Looking at the good condition of road - NH4 - especially in Karnataka or after kolhapur - I decided to drive all the way to Bangalore. 

I did some planing and decided to make it initially two day journey. Because I also wanted to take a break and visit some places which will come in the way. I started searching net and trip advisor and other forums for suggestions and got plenty of them.

Major places on the way
Kolhapur - Its too early to take break here, and also no places to visit here. 
Hubli - Possibly can take break and stay on lake side Taj, but no no. Why spend money here. And also it seems to early for a break. Hubli is between Pune and Bnaglore. If I stay in hublli after travelling nearly 450 km. Then again next day I will have to travel for 400+ km. I wanted to make my next day travel short. 
Davangiri - Can think of staying at this place. Its nearly 600 km from Pune but problem there nothing to do here. 
Chitradurga - This is ideal place to stay. 650 km from pune. I will reach here by evening. I will book a room in small hotel, have beer, rest and next day I will visit Chitradurga fort, now trust me Chitradurga fort is the only place to visit on the whole from Pune to Banglore. 
My plan
I will leave home early home early in the morning. I will take breakfast at either Sai International, Kolhapur or few kms. beyond Nipani. Take lunch at hubli, and reach Chitradurga by afternoon or evening. Will stay in chitradurga for night, and Next day In the morning I will visit Chitradurga fort and start driving to Bangalore by 10 AM, and reach bangalore maximum  by 2 PM. At 2PM, I will not face traffic and I can travel to my destination in next 1 hr. If I have to take break I will take it at Sai International, Kolhapur OR at Kamat's. 

Below was my plan for Day 1

There is a hotel at nice location after Nipani, and between hills. Food is not good, but location is not good. If you search maps, and find a place from where we take a right turn for Goa. That places comes after nipani, at same place I take break for breakfast. To smoke between hills. 

Kamat's is the best place to take break and enjoy tasty snacks. Its worth taking break at kamat's. Rest most probably you will regret at taking break at any other place. 

How I did ? How I actually traveled and did I achieved my targets. 
I started at 3 AM. I reached Nipani by 8 AM. I took break at Nipani and drove till noon to reach Hubli. I took breaK at kamats and reached Chitradurga by 2 PM. 
Chitradurga was huge disappointment. Complete rocky, dry, and sunny with cheap hotels. I decided not to stay there and drove all the way to Bangalore. I reached Yashwantpur, Bangalore by 6 PM.
This was my first time in bangalore and it took me 3 hrs to reach BTM layout 1, due to heavy traffic. 

  • Don't wish to visit any place between Pune to bangalore. 
  • Don't waste money on night stay at any place. 
  • Whole areas between Pune to Bangalore are dry. You will get highly bored while driving in those dry areas esp in noon. Prepare for that. Unless its rainy season
  • Prefer 2 drivers.
  • Prefer only Kamat's for food. 
  • If possible avoid road travel to Bangalore. 
But I will like to mention that roads are excellent on this highway. 


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  4. How much toll would a traveler pay on this route till Bangalore?


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