Social Networking on Intranet, within organization

Social networking refers to wide range of tools and practices.

But today, most of the times, when we say social networking we mean - Internet or mobile based social space designed for content sharing and communication with network of contacts. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. are some of the most common social space and we share our thoughts and likes in the form of posts, texts, photos, micro-blogging, and share links.

It might look awkward to many, esp. if you are young and if you are one of the below -
You rarely login into facebook
You read tweets in news but you don't tweet.
You use google for everything but don't know Google+.
You don't share links, photos, and texts.
You still didn't get why people have been using instagram.
MySpace, Pinsterest, etc seems strange
And you are not blogging.
OK, at lease last one is ok, but rest of all is what you should do in your young age.
We all do this and that's how internet works. We are all active on internet, we have our own space on internet, we all have network on internet, we are part of social space in internet, and we are not scared of sharing what we like. Young or old, Rich or poor, what ever we have to be socially active.

One of the most important benefit of social networking for young generation is that slowly they learn how to function successfully in society and develop social norms.

There are billions people doing this. But in this post I want to focus more on why its really important to do this within organization also.

Social Networking within organization

In many companies esp banking and finance companies social networking sites are totally blocked. That doesn't mean till the time we are in office, we have to totally cut off from the social networking. Trust me the social network we build within organization helps lot in our career and sometimes brings the biggest opportunity. Within organization preferred way to do social networking is communicating, collaborating, sharing ideas & thoughts, and using the company's intranet based social networking site.
Most of the organizations have this - their own social networking site - runs on company's intranet - a public display with privacy restrictions and closed communities, running on intranet. Be part of it. 
There is slight difference when it comes to social networking on intranet. The social networking within organization is mostly content based(like flickr) rather than profile based(like facebook). So within company we should understand that company's social networking site focus more on groups or communities, like mobile community within a banking organization.
A social networking site of a company should be profiles of communities, ideas, or mission. 
Like for example a Bank has social networking site with communities like -
Mobile banking(possibly mobile application developers come here), social media banking, One Bank(company's mission for 2015), Innovate(where people put ideas for next generation UI, banking, interaction, etc.), Training, and many more. And another essential part of social networking within organization is learning. Individuals can get training materials, can know about upcoming training, and most importantly - A Young executives who has managed relationships on intranet site and developed social network, has learned from peers and developed personal strategies, rather than from formal instructions.

Some features are must for social networking site within organization - 
Micro blogging within groups, Search facility, Build closed communities, personal information & profiles, and badges - to name a few.

For what we can use social networking site within organization - 

  • Organising activities, events, or groups to showcase issues and opinions and make a wider audience aware of them. 
  • Can provide peers with opportunities to learn how to function successfully in a community, and developing social norms. 
  • Provide formal and informal learning - online presence, online interaction, technical discussions, services will help everyone to adapt quickly. 
  • Information and new sharing

How we can promote Social networking site within organization - Social networking within organization rely's on active participation, and below are the ideas for promoting it -

  • Show the site during induction. A newly joined employee will be most excited to join the site and join community
  • Push mechanism, introduce mailing list. Users can subscribe and receive updates. 
  • Include the your Site's profile link in your signature. 
  • Talk about Site in seminars. 
  • A presentation over "social networking within organization". 
  • Ask for participation and give young and new employees confidence to actively use social networking services. 
  • A headline for a post. Share posts multiple times. Schedule additional appointments, "5 days to the event..". Add comments to anyone's first post. A posts which links back to old post. 
  • Monthly/Quarterly community social network champion  - a person who posts or person most active. 
  • Contest's on company's social networking Site. 
  • Go visual. Pictures and videos. 
Lastly one important fact - Front-line workers drive the vision. Because they use it outside the organization not the senior management. A designated community with a manager - not to control conversation - but to moderate and facilitate it, and reignite the slow area.