Apr 10, 2014

Home made Remedies for Throat Irritation

Its very important how we start our day. Its very important when we want a healthy lifestyle. For me, A healthy lifestyle means avoiding and curing small issues we face with our body on day to day basis, like -
Digestion, Gas, cold, cough, etc.
What I have observed over years very small mistakes makes us prone to these small issues. These problems are small but they affect our daily routine and our lifestyle. If we talk small precautions and small steps we can see worth results.
If you wake up early or late, your stomach is empty, and you have to feed it. Or might be you have an habit of bed tea. On internet we see benefits of everything. And even people have habits of coffee & cigarettes as soon as they wake up. I was once very much addicted to tea, coffee, and cigarettes, and trust me nothing can beat these. I am not asking to quit, but what I will recommend is small steps and timings on when to avoid what.

Based on my years of hit and trial I came to a early morning diet plan, which helps in cough and also in respiratory problems I face while work out.

  • Drink a glass of water with half tea spoon Honey when you wake up.
  • Ginger in tea with 1 cardamon in 1 cup tea in morning.
  • Always drink hot water.
  • Green tea can make you body warm. Drink green tea(or normal tea) before work out.
  • During workout always warm water. Never work out where there might be winds or pollution.
  • During workout or after workout if facing cough or respiratory problems, solve it temporary with 1 teaspoon honey+Ginger.
  • Green tea without sugar is very good to keep body active, warm and do not cause any stomach problems like gas.
  • Drink milk with Turmeric. Keep 1 glass of milk to heat, when milk is hot, add turmeric(1/4 tea spoon), and leave milk to boil. Drink when it cools down.


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