Mar 17, 2014

Adsense revenue: Hits vs Revenue, Stats vs Income

Lot of articles in Net we found on how to make money online.
Making money online is no doubt the best option, since for most it appears to side income. Many of us want this extra income and dream of making this full time later sometime.
When it comes to making money online Google Adsense is the first option.

Why Blogging? When many say it is becoming difficult for a new blogger to make money online by blogging, but still we have to blog for several reasons -

  • We can make money online(100% guaranteed), how much : can't be said. 
  • Its a step towards something bigger like : professional writer, opportunities, fame, success, income, etc. 
  • It will bring happiness, when you will see the number of hits. 
  • It will fill the spare time in a day, It will make you busy, and it can make you famous. 


Making money online - 
There are many ways to make money online, and foremost is Adsense, and later comes to making thousands of dollars monthly and living luxurious life: sitting at home, being online, and let others pay for you for enjoying life and rest. With so many success stories on internet, and looking at people making money online just by telling how to make money online inspires us all to make money online. But its as difficult as it looks easy. Its extremely difficult but it can be made easy. But since we want it so we have to give it a try. And to give first thing is start Blogging. At least we can assume a few dollars extra per month is not bad in the start.
Ways to make money in order of money you can make -
1. Guest blogging on some other blogs.
2. Adsense on your blogs
3. Ads from other sites like chitika
4. Amazon Associates
5. Ads from direct customers
Number 1 point is the easiest one, and in this option you don't even need your own blog.
Number 2 point is easiest when you have your own blog. And they care if you get any hit or not in a day.
Number 3 is better than adsense, because many sites give higher percentage share in revenue when compared to adsense. But they have their own criteria, and its good to stick with Adsense when you are new or you have less hits like 100 hits per day.
Number 4 is also option where you can make substantial money, but this is difficult since, amazon only pays when customer buys something from amazon, they don't pay only for hit. It is possible to get 100 hits on amazon ad and zero revenue.
Number 5 is difficult because for that customers should see some credibility in your blog like -
Number of hits per day, loyal blog viewers, blog content, and if placing ads on your blog really helps them.

I will suggest if you a part time blogger, or you can't give enough time to blogging, or you are staring, or you are maintaining blog for something else, AND still you to make some money from it, Adsense is best option.

Revenue from Adsense - 
How much one can earn from Adsense depends on the hits. So revenue is directly proportional to number of hits on ads.
Number of hits on ads depends on number of hits on blog/site. Please note, Its not directly proportional. 10 hits on a blog in a day might generate a revenue of 1$, and 100 hits on blog might generate 0.01$. Because it depends on, how many actually hit the ad among all those who visited the web site. And it seems very clear that a visitor will hit the ad on a blog only if -
ads are relevant
ads are properly placed
ads are rich(text+image)
and on Actual Ad, etc.
Some things we can control, some things will be controlled by Google. Trust me Google is very good in its job, they know what ad to show to any visitor. Our job is to just decide the right place of ad unit, and most important is our blog content, blog design.

And if you don't care much about the revenue, you just blog, and you have placed some ad units on your blog, BUT, later you found you are getting 100 hits in a day, and you wonder how much you are making money, you are exactly in my situation. You can see some ads on this blog, and guess how much I make; Let me give you the stats -

Below are the hits(monthly) on my blog with time -
I started blogging in Jan. 2008, in between in 2010 I discontinued blogging and again became active in mid 2011. 

 In mid 2011, I restarted my blog and also activated. And below is the money I made though my blog

As you can in general the blogs hit started increasing from Jan 2012, and slowly revenue started increasing since then.
Just don't care about the steep rise in March, 2012 because they were accidental.
But now with around 3000 hits on my blog in one month, I can make 3$ per month. 

But I am assuming if I get 30,000 hits on my blog in a month, I might get 30$ per month
based on current contents, settings, and design. And with 300,000 hits possibly 300$ per month.

What I did wrong - 
1. Very limited posts. ( 38 posts in 5 years, so not even 1 post in 1 month)
2. Design of the blog - not so attractive
3. Posts are not related - very important - because if posts are not related then you can never have loyal viewers and can have a mailing list.
4. Placement of ads - Ads are not properly placed
5. No Facebook page, no Google+ following option and no twitter following option - till the start of 2014.
So, I if you are taking care of above points, I am sure you will get much better results.

Bottom line - The revenue with Adsense will drease with time. The best days of Adsense might be probably over. More applications are now openend in mobile, and there revenue is less. If you are serious about making money through Adsense, the time is now, otherwise you are late. You might be interested in reading this -


Mar 15, 2014

Java/J2EE interview questions for 2014 when 5+ exp

With the recent developments in past few years, the interview questions are changing. Definitely some technologies are getting old and out of the most of the interviews, and new technologies keep on adding. 

Right not focus is on Speed, Scale, and Safety.

Indeed the interview questions depend on your experience, but since you have 5+ years of experience, so some knowledge is taken for granted, some understandings are expected, interviewer wants to here YES from you for some questions and you need to have concepts and logical explanation.

Its can be impressive for a 5+ years experienced Java to have some capabilities and some keywords in resume can be effective.
Words like: Individual Contributor, Sr. Software Engineer, Team Leader.
Capabilities like - Understanding Business requirements, Designing applications, Preparing high level documents, Client Interaction, etc.
Above mentioned suggestions for you resume can you look more effective.

Technologies which are getting old, but can be asked -
EJB 2.x
Basic Core Java
and to some extent JSF

Some technologies remain hot for interview like -
Executer framework
Memory management
Spring AOP, IOC, Beans, Flow, MVC
SOAP Web Services
EJB 3.0

And some new hot topics which are added and will be asked more-
Spring Data/ Spring Data REST
RESTful services
Java Script MVC frameworks

Below are the some questions, which one should be ready for -
1. Difference between SOAP and REST web services
2. How to support REST services with existing architecture of SOAP services.
3. How to handle security in REST services.
4. What was new in JDK5 memory management
5. How to handle security for third party web services
(To be continued...)

Please read my previous list of questions,which are for 5+ experience, on Interview page -

I recommend reading eBook "Java Notes: Effective Programming & Interview" available on Amazon, and can be read using Kindle or Kindle app.

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