Jan 17, 2014

Second day of workout

On first day we jump(only jump) possibly 20. One might jump 50. I wont suggest more than 50 on first day even if you have energy, stamina and desire.

And on second day we do something different. We can jump on second day also, but to keep things interesting we need variation. To see life long results we have to patient. In the my first post I suggested that patience will be our key to success. So we will go very slow. And this slowness means we will never get injured, bored, and sick.

On our second day we have to do Arm rotation. 

Stand and keep your legs bit wide open(possibly shoulder wide open). Keep your hands straight.
Raise you hands and rotate them anti-clockwise 20 times. Thats it. After 20 stop take rest.

Above exercise we will do for rest of our whole life. I will upload video later.


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