Dec 10, 2013


Maldives -
(One of the Best honeymoon destination)

A typical Maldives trip is like -
Reach Male Airport, and travel to the resort where you are staying.
Transfer from Airport to Resort is generally by Sea Plane, and in some rare cases by ferry or dhoni or speed boat.
Sea planes operate only in day time, so if you reach in evening, you would have to spend night in Male.
I was very much curios about Male also, I wanted to visit this capital city of Maldives. And I was also amazed by the fact city is only 5 sq. km, and having population more than 100,000. I stayed there for 2 nights. And you should trust me, never stay more than one night there. I was really surprised that there is nothing to see or visit in Male. Only the small market, and ports, which are good, for one time. But still I would say stay for once in male, and best would be if you reach Male airport around noon, then spend evening in Male watch sea, artificial sea beach, enjoy local food, and male market, and spend night. By the time i was there "Traders" was best hotel to stay in male but overpriced. You can choose some B&B and it should be sea facing, otherwise you might have trouble reaching hotel, going through narrow streets of male, and whole male I believe goes to bed around 8 PM. After spending 2 nights in Male, we moved to our resort "Hilton Iru Fushi". Reaching Resort is amazing Sea plane ride, but its costly also, so while choosing resort, one can include this cost also in budget, and choose something closer to Male airport to save some money.
After lot of investigation I choose "Hilton Iru Fushi", because I wanted to stay in really excellent resort, and not willing to pay around 1000USD per night. I payed for around 300 USD per night for water villa there, and it was most amazing days on my life, staying there.
If you are looking for something good and cheap, go for "Kurumba". Recently one of my friend wanted to make stay in maldives not more than 1000 USD for few nights. I suggested him stay in Holiday Inn, which is very nice, not far from Male Airport, and villa rates start from 157 USD per night only.

If you are in India, and looking for a superb honeymoon destination abroad, I would suggest Maldives. One might think of Mauritius, but remember travel cost to Mauritius would be more(probably double) when compared to Maldives. Other destinations ( which are quite popular ) like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand are quite busy when compared to Maldives.

Some tips for Maldives -
1. Avoid staying in male even for 1 night.
2. Book resort which is closer to male airport to avoid airport transfer.
3. May be in some good resorts, much water activities might not be possible, possibly because there are big fish around.
4. There is no room concept, you book a villa. It can be generally in three categories - Water villa, Ocean/Beach/Sea Villa OR Garden villa. To enjoy maldives and make stay different than rest places, I would recommend staying in water villa, which might be costliest.

Please do visit - to know about some ultra luxury resorts of maldives.

Water Villa is the best part i liked about maldives


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