Dec 10, 2013

Kuala lumpur

I was in kuala lumpur for 6 months, and Malaysia is such an amazing country. I didn't get time to travel whole of malaysia, but I must say malaysia is one of the most amazing, beautiful countries of world, and must visit in Asia. From the developed cosmopolitan city kuala lumpur to entertainment and cold world of genting, from holiday destination langkawi to exotic sabah.

But if one is on a short trip....

Two week in Malaysia
A week in malaysia is never enough. May be one needs to plan a trip of 2 or 3 weeks. But one can visit best of malaysia in 1-2 weeks.
Generally my trip plan is like visiting the most popular OR capital city in any country, and some most popular places, and they should be unique. And then I move some really peaceful or probably romantic place in the country.
My trip to malaysia included Kuala Lumpur & Langkawi, and I would recommend the same. I did lot of reasearch and consulted lot of local malaysians before visit malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur City -

Whoever goes to malaysia should visit kuala lumpur. Its capital and best city in Malaysia. Even if you visit singapore, may be you should come to kuala lumpur, by bus or train. Kuala Lumpur is also preferred place for shopping. Shopping in Kuala lumpur is really cheap, as compared to singapore, and I find cheapest souvenirs in kuala lumpur. Kuala Lumpur has got some really beautiful shopping malls and some superb streets.
Airport of kuala lumpur is quite far from City, but there is very best KL express( which you can take and reach KL central in 28 mins. And while returning you check in your luggage there also in KL central.
So if you are there for one day, then one can check in luggage in KL central and move around and take KLIA express to airport with free hands.
One can find really amazing Hilton in KL central, Hilton and Le Meridien in KL central are like twin towers. But If I have to stay in KL, i would prefer staying in Shangri-la or Traders, as it is opposite the Petronas twin towers, most popular tourist destination in Malaysia. Petronas tower  is the very best place to visit in KL. One should visit early morning, you would be allowed to go to top of the building. And you can see whole KL. Building is very beautiful in night also. A small shopping mall in Petronas Twin Tower is also good, and an aquarium near by. Remember Petronas Twin Towers And Aquaria are in KLCC only, in evenig one walk from twin towers to nearby streets. Near about 3 kms from KLCC is Bukit Bintang, and in evenig one should go there for shopping, night life, malls, streets, walk there, and trust me you would definitely enjoy(OR probably more) if even if you single.
Some of places I believe one should go in KL are -
Pewter Factory(total half day is enough) you get factory tour, a workshop, souvenier, and you can buy from really rare shop.
Mines Resort City OR Mines Wellness City( 1 day), Its a unique shopping mall, a small lake within shopping mall, amusement park, shows, small zoo, lake rides, golf course, most amazing part is when move on boat from one lake to another(North Lake to South Lake OR vice versa) with unbelievable part that both lakes are at different altitude, you also get chance to ride boat there.
One can visit Sunway Lagoon (1 complete day) which is a shopping mall and amusement park, but it is no different or special.

Yes one really nice place and only cold place near Kuala Lumpur is Genting(1-2 day, or probably more).
It is the only place where there is such grand Casinos.
From KL one can take a bus to reach Genting. 50 km from KL. You can leave the bus once you reach there and before reaching up the hill. you can take Sky way Cable Car.
 there is a big amusement(/theme) park( with lot of activities, you would definitely enjoy. Really big Shopping mall, hotels, and very good casino. Casino is open till 4 AM morning(not sure), so one can plan to stay there, otherwise catch the last bus and come back to KL.
Really totally nice place.
If you are interested in visiting some big government buildings then also go to Putrajaya, which has got good roads, street, and goverment offices, and since because place is not busy, so many people go there for photography and shooting videos. But IN the end its boring for family and couples.
Again there is one more place Batu Caves, which I would say only visit if you are Hindu religious and spiritual. As a young couple you probably wont enjoy, also because lot stairs so it can be tough for old and kids.
Langkawi -
Another nice location in Malysia, far from Kuala lumpur is Langkawi, esp. for romantic couples.
Generally after spending 3-4 days or week in kuala lumpur you might want to go to this peaceful, exotic, romantic, and adventurous Island. Its one of the best in malaysia, and quite famous for honeymooners also. It is also very good for family trip. One can take flight to reach there, otherwise combine 12 hr bus journey & ferry ride to reach there.  I would prefer saying stay there for 3 or 4 or a week or probably 2 weeks if you like staying in beautiful resorts with activities, and beach. I would suggest Berjaya Langkawi to stay. Because i really love water villas and bunglows, and also beach villas. My friend stayed in Sea Village by Langkawi Lagoon resort, and his experience was good. Best is Four Seasons resort, but its way too costly.

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