Dec 19, 2013

First Day of Workout or First time you workout

First time you workout is most important, because it tells you if you can workout, why you should workout, and when you should workout next. If you join gym, its easy because professional trainers train you and tell you what to do on the first day or first week or first month.
But not all of us want to go gym on first day because of some factors: shyness, time, money, etc. And trust me there is nothing wrong in that.

Gym gives gaurantee about results but gym needs you to follow instructions, reason is that there they have machines and lot of people. Machines brings your body in shape real fast but some wrong exercises can bring serious damage also, so a trainer is mandatory in gym, esp for those who are begineers.

Workout in home has several benefits - Saves money, safe exercises, no time bound, no one is looking, etc. I really believe that one should always workout at home, and later if needed move to gym, if workout at home is not helping. Some exercises can be done both at home and gym, they are extremely helpful, and better you do is at home, and they give real results which are long lasting. But before you hit hard, start with warming up; prepare yourself in few weeks for hitting hard and taking your body to all new level.
Most important part of workout, specially when you are new -  is you should start in a manner that you never get bored, you never get extremely exhausted, you should never quit, and you should have patience.
Patience is success, like said -
                                          (Must watch)

 Day 1 - I will suggest only jumping. Just jump. Do not jump high, jump like skipping rope, not fast, easy, probably 25 or 50 or 100. On my first day i was jumping count was 100. If I leave workout for several months, I again start with jumping, but now count is 400. 

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