Dec 10, 2013


The capital of India - Delhi - Most interesting place in India - plenty of heritage, beauty, interest, expedition and enjoyment.

Best place to stay for me is ITC Maurya, and other option include Leela, Taj, oberoi, and many many more.
I choose ITC Maurya because of history - Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin and many stayed here - excellent location - world famous Bukhara restaurant and artistry.
Total 5 days stay(4 night stay) - tight schedule.
I planned 3 dedicated days, apart form 1 day I reached here and chilled, and my last day, when in evening I will be travelling to Agra.

Day 1 -
Connaught Place is a planned circular market area that is divided into two circles named as inner and outer Connaught circle.
And Janpath, an open-air, steet like market in Cannaught Place.
I had my coffee at starbucks, visited Jantar Mantar, had lunch at Saravana Bhavan, then visited India Gate, and then dinner at Parikrama.
Jantar Mantar to saravana bhavan is  less than 1 km. I walked and also crosed Janpath street side market.
After lunch in Saravana bhavan I took auto for President's house, which was around 2 km from there. I had booking to visit President's house at 3:30 PM.
After spending 1 hr there, and saw moughel garden(best in india) i headed towards India Gate
 India Gate is opposite Presidents house, but it still 1 km road which connects President's House(Rashtrapati bhavan) to India Gate.
Its a straight road with nothing in between. Its also called Rajpath, where India celebrates republic day on 26th Jan.
After visiting INdia Gate in evening, i returned to Cannaught place for dinner. I had dinner at famous restaurant Parikrama - a revolving restaurant from where you can view delhi.
Booking for Rastrapati bhavan can be done online.

Day 2 -
I have planned to visit unique, historic, heritage, relaxing, and ineterstig places.
When ever I searched for delhi, I found humayun's tomb picture.
In the morning I reached HUmayun's tomb, then had cab booked for lotus temple.
I wanted to finish early lotus temple, since I heard of queue in lotus temple.
Then reached Huaz Khas village, had lunch, relaxed.
(The Hauz Khas village which was known in the medieval period for the amazing buildings built around the reservoir drew a large congregation of Islamic scholars and students to the Madrasa for Islamic education.)
plenty of places to vosot in village, and lake, and restaurants, and market.
And last stop of the day - Qutub Minar.
Dinner at Circa1193, which gives amazing view of Qutub MInar.

Day 3 -
Old Delhi - Lal Quila(Red Fort), Chandi Chowk, and Jama Masjid, and lastly dinner at Karim's near jama masjid.

Day 4 -
Akshardham temple, before I head to Agra in evening and stay at Oberoi, Agra, and view taj and sleep
Biggest temple in India.


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