Dec 10, 2013

Best places to visit in India

This is a post for people who want to visit India, know more about the culture, history and want to experience heritage by visit some best, unique and rich:culturally, experience, worth, and mostly amazing. One can always more enjoyment, more excitement, more luxury, and more experience by staying in some really good place. By place I mean hotel, and really good I mean best to nearly best in town.

If I have to visit only place in India for a very short period, I will visit Mumbai or Delhi.

If I have some time like a week, and I want to know best of India, so that I can say I have seen India, then I will visit Delhi and combine with day trip to Agra. If few more days, then I will also add a trip to Jaipur. Or might experience Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur in a week or 10 days, and I have most of India.
Delhi - India Gate, Cannought place, Rastrapati bhavan, Rajpath, Janpath, and more
Old Delhi - Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Jama Masjib, and more
also Qutub Minar, old fort, museum, etc in Delhi.
Visit Agra for Taj Mahal and Red Fort.
Visit Jaipur for forts(build by Hindu Kings) and a unique city.

My places of interest and stops/most interesting places in India are -

But I have a month, I might go to more places, and trust me every place I recommend here, is unique and not only different from other but also remarkable, distinctive in whole world, and will give you outstanding experience. I have a list and if you follow the list, you have not missed anything, and you have seen more than most Indians and you have known more than most people in this world about India.

And ideal time to visit is sep to march(don't start from march, end in march)

My list is like -
Delhi + Agra
Jaipur/Udaipur(Jaipur or Udaipur or both) - I will prefer Udaipur. One can prefer Udaipur, because its close to delhi.

Mumbai - Financial and Entertainment capital of India. Sky scrappers, slums, old buildings and stations, Sea, bollywood, Stock Exchange,Late nights, Old and new markets, Shopping, Black&Yellow taxis.

Goa - Most preferred location for cool vacation in India. Sea, beaches, Greenery, free lifestyle, Drinks, pubs, bike rides, and goan cuisine

                                                     (leela Palace hotel, Goa)

Kochi - Gateway to kerala(nick named 'Gods own country), sea, back waters, scenery, house boats, fishing, cousine, Kathakali dance, boat race, and unique fighting skills.
House boats in backwaters

                                                  Chinese fishing nets.

Calcutta - Second largest city in India, Considered as Culture capital. Literature, Artists, History, Revolutions. Commercial hub East India. Ganges river, trams, and yellow cabs/taxis. And a different people and cuisine. Very old buildings and cafes.

Varanasi - Oldest city of India. Hindu capital. Ganges river and ghats along side rivers. People take bath early morning and Ganga arti(Ganges river prayer) in evening. Temples, and Sarnath(Lord Budha tought dharma)

Delhi - Capital City of India. History, Monuments, & markets. 3 hr. drive is Agra(home of Taj Mahal - Wonder of world). 4 hr. drive is Jaipur.
lotus temple

 Akshardham temple
Jama Masjid in Old Delhi

Taj Mahal, Agra - 3 hr drive from delhi. Must watch in India. 

Udaipur - Lakes, Forts, Luxury hotels in forts. Lake pichola within Arravali hills and surrounded by luxury hotels and forts - is picturesome and sceneic. Palace, havelis, temples, cuisine, and lake.

And when you start googling about these places you will also search for hotels and places to visit. I have explained about most of the cities in this blog, and suggested places to visit and definitely places which are must and enjoyable for everyone.
Also I recommend some hotels in each city to stay, which are really best and will definitely add to your expedition. These hotels are among best in world and best in their city and above all they also have best location in the city. Also below are just one option, there are plenty of other options, but below are which zI have tested -
1. Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, others are Oberoi, Trident.
(,,, OR wait for
2. Leela, Goa other I will suggest Park Hyatt(better location) and Marriott(beach resort in capital)
3. Bruton Boatyard, Cochin or Koci, OR Taj in Kochi
4. Oberoi Grand, Kolkatta(Calcutta)
5. Jukaso Ganges in Varanasi, OR Nadesar Palace OR Taj Ganges. Hotels are not 5 star but really worth.
6. ITC Maurya in Delhi OR many more options.
7. Oberoi in Agra, simply best and no one matches it.
8. Oberoi, Jaipur - simply best
9. Oberoi, Udaipur other best is Taj and Leela in Udaipur.
Between Jaipur and Udaipur you can choose one. Udaipur is close to Jaipur.
If you ask me as a city Jaipur is more vibrant and more places to visit. But if you stay in Oberoi, Udaipur or Taj, Udaipur it will unique and out of world experiece. Hotels are inself like fort and you will enjoy a different culture, heritage, fort, lake, and times of hindu kings all by staing in hotel and visit places with and around city.
Also one can visit Hyderabad. Hyderabad is some where in middle of Kochi and Calcutta, and if you plan to visit Hyderabad, do stay at -
Taj Falaknuma Palace - huge advance booking.
But if you keep on adding places, list will never end, because from Kochi, one travel to Banglore(IT hub of India), stay there in Leela or Taj West End, also visit nearby city Mysore - capital of Tipu Sultan whose amazing palace is big attraction of INdia. And then move to Hyderabad. Or add more places from neacy state Tamil Nadu. Kochi is in state Kerala, adjacent states are Karnataka(capital city Banglore) and Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu one can see the biggest and best made hindu temples. For a person interested in temples must visit  some cities of Tamil Nadu. I will cover this in another post.

If you little more extra days, then I will recommend below map -



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