Jul 17, 2013

Simple steps - Avoid cigarette effects

Its very easy to be addicted to cigarette, and what makes matter worse is our bad eating habits and no proper schedule. I was smoking for many years and many days I worked 10 hrs a day on chair watching screen and playing keyboards, and on breaks smoking and drinking tea: it was very energetic and but i was loosing health on a long run.
IF I am not a fitness freak, there must be some way minimize the cigarette effects.
I really tested some trivial health tips and found it very good habit to adopt since i was unable to quit smoking.
1. Never smoke on empty stomach.
2. Avoid smoking in smoky area.
3. Smoke in fresh air and relax.
4. Take Vitamin C: either chew a vitamin C tablet OR other sources like lemon.
5. Walk
6. Drink less tea.
7. If you are drinking tea+cigarette or coffee+cigarette replace it with only cigarette or drink grean tea before cigarette.

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