Mar 4, 2012

Few Questions for a Team Leader

Below are the some questions for a team leader. Obviously, these are very few. I would add more later. 

1. On the occasion of some festive season, there is some deadline, and there are some pending works, but most of the team members have already planned for holidays. How are you going to manage, means manage delivery, even when you have also leave plans. 

2. Have you ever faced a situation, where you needed to go beyond company policies, means you needed to break them in order to get things done, what did you do, and if you broke company policy what was the impact.

3. Did you ever exceeded the client and/or company expectations, when and how. 

4. What is more important to you Delivery or Status reports by team members. 

5. You have a situation, where you need to give appreciation, probably salary increment to only one among three of the team members. You know rest two are good, what reason you are going to give, when you know there is no genuine reason to give them.

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  1. Gud question even applicable 4non software professionals...



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