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AWS : Security, Identity, and Compliance

Core service to create security is IAM and overview of it is available here.  Users, Roles, Groups, and Policies are core concepts in IAM.
User: End user (people or program)Groups: A collection of users under one set of permissionsRoles: We create roles and assign them to AWS resources/services such as If application on EC2 wants to access S3 objects then EC2 will need to be assigned a role with permissions to access S3.  A policy is the document that allows user or role to acces other AWS services and resources.

S3 security A S3 ACLs are additional service to manage access to buckets and objects. When a bucket is created, S3 creates a default ACL that grants the resource full control over the resource.  One can control to S3 bucket and objects using either or all: IAM, Bucket policy, and ACL. Few important points to note is:

Buckets and objects are Amazon S3 resources. Bucket and object permissions are independent of each other. An object does not inherit the permissions from its buck…

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